The Pre-Holiday Potluck is an opportunity to rethink holiday traditions and replace harmful recipes with delicious and nutritious ones. As Ann Wilmore quoted, "The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison." Thanks to everyone for making this event a wonderful occasion.


‚ÄčThis year's holiday potluck was such a joy with guests arriving from the north and south!  We appreciate people traveling to visit us.  Our location makes us accessible to Lexington, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio without being convenient for anyone!  How we delight in filling our plates with both nutritious and delicious raw vegan cuisine.  The holidays are often a time when people find themselves indulging; how wonderful to enjoy fine foods without the fear of sickness.  Thank you to everyone for making the biannual potlucks so pleasant to our palates!!! 

Spring Potluck 2015

Here are some pictures from previous potlucks


This year's Pre-Holiday Potluck jolted the creative juices with mouthwatering Whole Health entrees.  How do we eat and stay healthy during a holiday season laden with sugary desserts, smoked meats, and baked goods?  This question was perfectly answered with delicious recipes that knocked our Christmas stockings off!  Raw strawberry cheesecake made from creamy cashews and pecans, faux butter made from pine nuts and flax seed crackers, and a variety of salads  filled our savoring stomachs.  I can promise you, no one left hungry.  After the fabulous feast, we all enjoyed the contagious energy that was ignited at the ping pong table along with entertainment from our variously talented guests.  It was a great event and thank you to everyone who made it such a sweet success.