“I loved your book, it was so informative. A lot of the books on this subject are written by people in the medical field and are extremely hard for the average person seeking information to understand.  Your book, however, was written as an insight to what it’s like to be on the inside of the condition, to live through, and overcome something that a lot of us just don't understand.” --- Deborah Borecki 

“Suzy lays out for us so poignantly not only her harrowing journey to health, but to faith.  We share in her sorrows and victories, and learn right along side of her the steps necessary to rebuild both mental and physical health.” --- Bill Lenhart


My Story: The Years in Darkness

The Different Schools of Thought

The Cause of Disease

The Three R's Principle

The Components of Health

Proper Attitude and Outlook

Nurturing Relationships

Changing Your Diet

Scripture for the Whole Health 
​    Journey

A few Chapter Topics

Suzy Hoseus was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the early 1980’s. She was hospitalized and told there was no cure for her disorder. After twenty years of medications and several hospitalizations, she was at the end of her rope. Today she is symptom-free and has not had so much as an aspirin since 2000. Healing Bipolar and Depression: My Journey to Whole Health is the inspiring story of God’s grace and healing upon Suzy’s life. It will encourage, inspire, educate and motivate you and those you love! All proceeds from this book go directly toward the educational resources and services provided by Life Learning Ministries.

Healing Bipolar and Depression 

                                                                                                                  My Journey to Whole Health

Suzy Hoseus