Here at Life Learning Ministries, we believe that you can heal bipolar and depression! God has put us in this world for the  purpose to love, serve, and help each other reach our fullest potential as children of God.  Learn how to live life God's way as we humbly strive to show you the beauty of life-giving choices and the wonderful love of Jesus Christ. We aspire and take great joy in seeing others gain confidence in their God-given abilities and to live with more optimal health.  As you grow and heal, Life Learning Ministries is here to encourage,  inspire, and provide Whole Health alternatives.  We welcome you and hope to see you prosper and become all that God would have you to be.-

You don't have to walk this journey alone. 


Life Learning Ministries is a Christ-centered non-profit organization designed to provide hope, education, and support to thrive on the Whole Health Journey..  Our vision is to witness unity and health amongst God’s people for further advancement of His Kingdom. .Life Learning Ministries combines a 3 R’s principle with the God BLESSES ME model  to Whole Health that operates on the belief that to be healthy, we must address the whole person. Life Learning Ministries is led by Mike and Suzy Hoseus, authors of Toyota Culture and Healing Bipolar and Depression.  The Hoseus’ have pursued their own Whole Health Journey since 1999 and are seasoned in God's Word, problem solving, natural health, marriage, and parenting.  They have three children and a beloved daughter-in-law and reside in Walton, KY. 

What do we believe?

Who are we?

Who are we and what do we believe?