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As extraction surgery draws near, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be alive and have the health that I do.  Unknowingly, I was a fool as a child dismissing wisdom and embracing destructive habits.  I have suffered the consequences of those choices and yet, Father God seems to just pour His love on me all the more.  I'm getting my mouth cleaned out once and for all.  I had ten root canals performed on my teeth at 17 years old.  At 53, I have 5 more to extract and one titanium implant that also needs removed.  Oral health is ever so important!  Included is an article and names of the most conscientious holistic dentists I have found.  Each has a knowledge of natural health.

Lina Garcia, DDS
Stuart Nunnally, DDS
Mark Berkowitz, DDS
Mindy Munowitz, DDS

Oral Pathology
Article credited to: Olin Idol

One issue that can exert a significant negative influence on the immune system’s ability to keep us well 
is oral pathology. Even with the best of diets, some folks find that over time they succumb to cancer and 
ask the question – How could this happen?

There are three primary areas of concern: Mercury amalgam fillings or other metals in the mouth, 
cavitations primarily from wisdom teeth extraction sites, and root canalled teeth. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal and has no place in the human body. Mercury fillings must be removed with caution and specific safety measures in place. The removal of mercury should only be done by a dentist well experienced in this area. If removed improperly, the resulting mercury vapors can be extremely dangerous with devastating impact.

In describing the efficient absorption of mercury though the tissues of the cheeks and under the tongue into the blood stream, Hal Huggins, D.D.S states:  “From the blood stream, mercury can travel to any cell in the body, where it can either disable or destroy the tissues. Mercury can also travel directly from the fillings into the lungs, into the blood stream and, as before described, every cell in the body becomes a valid target.”  ( According to Dr. Huggins, mercury may change forms in the body, from organic to inorganic with each form attacking different aspects of the cell membrane, DNA, or enzymes. 

Wisdom teeth are normally extracted, leaving the peridontal ligament in the jaw bone. The bone heals over, encapsulating the decaying ligament in a small hole in the bone. Pathogenic bacteria develop in a highly protected environment and continually intoxicate the body and stress the immunes system. Antibiotics cannot get into that protected area. The immune system may be under stress for decades 

To determine the frequency of cavitations, Dr Huggins reviewed the charts of over 100 clinic patients. Extraction sites of wisdom teeth (third molars) were found to have cavitations 88% of the time; second molars had a 70% incidence of cavitations; and, first molars an incidence of 85%! (Uninformed Consent, Huggins, Hal, D.D.S and Levy, Thomas, M.D. p. 212)

Once the extraction site healing at the top is complete, the oxygen-deprived (anaerobic) environment becomes host to highly toxic metabolic by-products. The native mouth bacteria normally resided in harmony in an oxygen enriched environment but in the anaerobic environment of a cavitation site, the by-products become potentially deadly. “In fact, some of these toxins show anywhere from 100 to 1000 times the toxicity of botulism toxin on certain enzymes tested!” (Huggins, p 215)

According to George Mening, DDS, author of Root Canal Cover-Up a single root-canalled tooth will have an estimated 3 miles of micro-canals – an extremely wide area for bacterial growth. Once bacteria start to gain a foothold inside a devitalized tooth, they can’t be killed by antibiotics because such drugs cannot penetrate into the affected tooth. This leaves the bacteria free to migrate down into other areas of the body where they can set the stage for a variety of crippling degenerative diseases, including In an interview in July, 2013 with Patrick Timpone, Dr Huggins states that ALL cavitation sites and root canal teeth harbor pathogenic bacteria. To date, Dr. Huggins has identified 53 different bacteria in root canal teeth and 82 in cavitations! Different types of bacteria destroy different enzymes that impact different organs/tissues of the body.  With ongoing stress of the immune system, it is usually just a matter of time (maybe decades) before illness is manifest due to the inability of the immune system to keep the constant onslaught under control.

Interestingly, independent researcher, Robert Dowling, PhD has discovered that oral pathology does not cross the body’s mid-line. Right-side oral pathology manifest in pathology in the right-side of the body. “A man with prostate cancer, for example, has oral pathology in the front of the mouth. A woman with right breast cancer has right-side oral pathology. A man with right lung cancer has right-side oral pathology. There are no exceptions . . .” (Am I Dead? . . . or do I just feel like it, Fred Hughes)

Most dentists are unaware of cavitations and are unable to detect them. Routine X-ray is not adequate to detect cavitations or toxicity of root canals. Thermal imaging of the face and digital panoramic X-ray can be most beneficial in detection of cavitations.  If a cavitation is suspected, it is prudent to seek out a knowledgeable, holistic, mercury free dentist to help locate and repair them. Dr. Gary McCown in Knoxville, TN is the best I know of. His office number is 865 579-3762. Fred Hughes provides excellent consultations regarding this issue. You can reach Fred and inquire as to his charge for this service at Root canal teeth are dead structures protruding from the jaw bone. Over time, bacteria develop in the dead canals as in cavitations that constantly stress the immune system. In his July 16, 2013 interview, Dr. Huggins states that 100% of root canal teeth contain pathogenic bacteria. With an immune system overstressed, it may be impossible for the body to heal itself of chronic diseases. Again, if a tooth with a root canal is suspect, it will need the attention of a knowledgeable and experienced holistic dentist.