The Whole Health Center

The Whole Health Center in Walton, KY is taking shape!  We're providing preferred products that fall in line with our core values. The two product lines we are currently offering are Tonya Zavasta’s Beautiful on Raw and Nadine Artemis’ Living Libations Hair and Skin Care Line.  They’re fabulous!  They’re free of toxic ingredients!  I’m a fan of both wonderful women.

  We carry shampoos, conditioners, face creams, essential oils, face masks, and perfumes without hazardous ingredients.  They're great for the conscientious raw foodist, the educated mom, and other sensitive souls who prefer the higher quality ingredients. You can check out Tonya’s and Nadine’s websites and call me if you have a special order.  Mike and I are also Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers.  They have a product line of Vitamin B12, Digestive Enzymes, and Probiotics that we highly recommend. All proceeds from the sale of these products benefit  Life Learning Ministries. 

Our number is 859-230-3000 to schedule your personal shopping.

Bringing hope, healing, and health to
​individuals and families