The Pre-Holiday Potluck is an opportunity to rethink holiday traditions and replace harmful recipes with delicious and nutritious ones. As Ann Wilmore quoted, "The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison." Thanks to everyone for making this event a wonderful occasion.

Suzy hosted a great seminar focused on getting out of the negative cycles and addressing root problems. Fantastic points were made, thoughts were stirred, and hope was given. Excellent tools were given that could be used personally and for those you care about. Be sure to join us for the next seminar and keep moving towards Whole Health!

Pre-Holiday Potluck

The 2018 Retreat was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning. Deepened faith and positive growth! 

I would like to introduce you to my friend Pat Molter. She is a published certified Aromatherapist, holistic educator and cancer survivor.

Join us on our journey in becoming Alive and Vibrant At Any Age.

 I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can quickly register using the link below.

 I love to share with you how food and essential oils can impact our bodies and mind. Join me in the comfort of your own home as Pat interviews 21 experts (including me) who have life changing stories. I hope to encourage you as we learn how to feel younger, think sharper, and grow fit with each passing year. 

Each year as the God BLESSES ME Whole Health Week draws near, I am reminded of a question a woman innocently asked years ago.  We were both unaware at the time of the seed her words planted when she requested, “May I just come and vacation with you for a week?  I want to see how you live?”   She’s yet to visit, but there have been several others who have done so in the annual Whole Health Week we provide each third week of July at Blessings Farm.

 Some people come and stay for the entire 5 days and spend the night.  Others, who are local, drive in each day, while others visit one day or another.  It is an Open House.  We have the God BLESSES ME Model for Whole Health Curriculum which provides the skeletal structure for the week.

Here is the agenda:

Monday morning is a prime time to attend.  Introductions allow everyone to share and awaken to the needs of each other.  Our first seminar dives into a discussion on God.  Do you believe in God?  What or who is God to you?  Is God a religion or a relationship?  What is the difference?  The first session lays the foundation for the rest of the week.

Monday afternoon, we get into the first acrostic of BLESSES ME which is the Body.  This also is a loaded seminar.  If you were only able to come one day, this would probably be the day that has the most potential for impact. (I could be wrong!)

Tuesday covers L and E which stand for Labor and Emotions.  How does your work and life’s calling play into Whole Health?  The study of emotions and learning how to respond rather than react is a very beneficial tool in the Whole Health Journey.

Wednesday is the day we discuss Social and Spirit.  How does the way we relate to others play into our daily lives? Participants are taught how wisdom is the ability to get along with others.  How then do we do this?

Thursday is set aside for a discussion on Environment and Service.  Environment is highlighted on both a micro and macro evaluation. 

Lastly, Friday is our graduation day.  Each person who has attended all five days receives certification as a Whole Health Coach.  The last day covers Mental and Everyday Disciplines with one last scrumptious feast at the end.

The rest of the time at Blessings Farm is filled with leisure time in the saline pool, food preparation and life-giving feasts of sprouts and homemade meals, and fellowship and fun for all who partake..

God Blesses Me Whole Health Week

July 20-24th

Click the picture on the right to download our brochure to learn more.

You missed a great week!

Check out the pictures from our 2016 Whole Health Week.

Super Sprouts
June 1, 2015

We held a summer sprout class at Blessings Farm on June 1st.  It's wonderful to see families interested in growing their own food and becoming more aware of how scarcely rich in nutrient store-bought produce is.  We discussed our nation's current health problems, stages of disease,and ways that food qualifies as real foods.  Included are some other notes from the class that we thought might be helpful.  If you weren't able to make it, keep checking the website for future events.  You are welcome to email us if you have any comments or questions.

We had a great time!

Spring Pot Luck 2015

Bringing hope, healing, and health to
​individuals and families

This year's Pre-Holiday Potluck jolted the creative juices with mouthwatering Whole Health entrees.  How do we eat and stay healthy during a holiday season laden with sugary desserts, smoked meats, and baked goods?  This question was perfectly answered with delicious recipes that knocked our Christmas stockings off!  Raw strawberry cheesecake made from creamy cashews and pecans, faux butter made from pine nuts and flax seed crackers, and a variety of salads  filled our savoring stomachs.  I can promise you, no one left hungry.  After the fabulous feast, we all enjoyed the contagious energy that was ignited at the ping pong table along with entertainment from our variously talented guests.  It was a great event and thank you to everyone who made it such a sweet success.

June 22, 2017